Thursday, August 11, 2011

My SACRED SYMBOLS, are storing secure safe secrets. Of our SPIRIT SOURCE SCIENCE SYSTEM of ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE!!! pt3

Cataclysmic Currency Climatic Changes: Compelling circumstances to force white mankind to pay dearly for his “axis of evil” conspiracy concoctions. As he fabricated his history as a hero of honesty, humanity and health. And mythically manufactured himself as being the one and only Patriarchal White Male “God”! The terrifying terrorist ruler dictator tyrant over all other Matriarchal Female Goddesses!!

BUTT: this is pure psychopathic, and mixture of sociopath supremacy superiority superpower sickness syndromes!! Unfortunately, have no sure cure in order that healthful holistic humane healing could possibly take place. Thus protecting the contagious contamination of the entire HUEMAIN “RACE”.

YES: Heavenly Father SUNGDO + Mother Nature Earth; molded him and her, white male and female, into harsh crazy CaucAsian Caucasoid criminal creatures. As it stands book written: Regardless of whether “white or yellow, were instinctively to love conquest, because of a desire to escaped those hostile surroundings. Invasions would not cease once an initial contact with the Black world to the south had taught them the existences of a land where the living was easy, riches abundant, technique flourishing.”
The White Man’s mentality of meanness, madness, mass murders; have run their course, and are being blatantly burnt up, washed out, blown away, into the shit cans of history. Driven into desperation for survival again, yet, nonwhites are fully prepared to protect and defend their sovereign countries, even unto death, to keep his hateful hideously hostile heathen heart out! He’s presently trying everything treacherous in the book, diplomacy, money bribes, trade agreements, butt, no one in their righteous African & Asian minds believe one iota of the words he speaks.
Many nations will take or receive the millions of dollars in monetary aid funds, then, betray the white man’s trust. Because he foolishly give back only what was initially stolen from the nonwhite owners. Historically to date. Now he is even more mad at the whole wide world, for not worshipping and honoring his {Serapis} White Male “God” image!!!
In view of these envisioned statements, it has come to this: Time for him to be eliminated, terminated into extinction! Although, it is not any decision made by other men of mankind whatsoever. Butt, believe me that those Ancient Ancestral Africa Authentic Authorities, invisible unseen Spiritualized beings are behind his self-destructive ’savage beast barbaric behaviors’!

They have removed, called back, redeemed, reclaimed the better benefit blessings bestowed upon humanity; so he cannot partake of them any longer. People of (Pineal Gland) darker melanin skin colorations, Afrindians expressly, are closing ranks. Going inside their/our inspirited-indwelling Godsun-Selves as Sons of SUNGOD.


And the rest is history, because no material matter what Whites want to think or wish to believe, they are being hit harder than ever before by bad weather wrath of worthy Wealthy Womanhood’s Witty Wisdom Worshp. Equal LOVE GODDESS MAAT Mother Africa Earth Nature. SHE + HE, are the ones doing the damages decisively today, As arrogant ass ambitious egoist white males proclaim: “Don’t you mess with Texas”!!! Butt, just look at how their buttocks being burned blatantly bad for their bigoted bias, this year 2011!
YES Retaliations + Restribution + Revenges: becasue... The State of Texas is the terrorist-racist mainstream gateway to the high (TDCJ) incarceration of Africans in America = AmeriAfrindians; unjustly and unconstitutionally. True factual reality! And it is paying precise prices financially for its hideously hostile hateful inhumanity and insanity!! Along with it being the major media mouth of Texas' PRISON INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX of the United States of angry Anglo-America Al'Qaeda!!! or

Heavens Hot Hades Hell Fires: “July was the hottest month ever recorded in Texas, said state climatologist John Nielson-Gammon, and the 12 months ending July 31 were the driest since records started being kept in 1895. The state has entered a "vicious cycle" where the heat and drought feed on each other, he said.”
Tormented-Tortured-Terrified “Texas remained the epicenter of unprecedented drought, with climate data showing the state suffering its driest 10 months ever in over a century of data.”
"KANSAS CITY, Missouri (Reuters) - A devastating drought deepened over the last week in many areas, spreading through more of the Plains and going into the Midwest as triple-digit temperatures baked already thirsty crops and livestock.” And I sanely say so much for big shit talking trailer trash!Thursday, Aug 11, 2011 11:09am EDT

Matriarch + Patriarch + Conscious Conscience COSMIC CREATOR, has commanded GODSUN to bake and broiled them in Heavens Hot Hades Hell Fires!!! Destroy the agricultural livestock, vegetable crops, farm lands for growing plants and raising animals for food. Long hot summer droughts that are severely extreme. Meant to force them off the commercialized capitalized ranches. Owned and operated and ran by whites, excluding and eliminating Africans in America and others form their rightful share of the geographical VegePlanTerRain: Wisely read my full True-Up U-Turn Story Book Bible Blogs:
Therein y’all shall see soundly and sanely exactly the
Know-How I’ve acquired through actual practicing the experiences of homegrown garden-plant crops. Producing drought and high heat resistant vegetables, that can withstand lesser water than usual. Creating a hearty-healthy variety of potent seeds = offspring = bio-genotype progeny. And this process take several years to develop and grow abundantly. It’s my scientific discovery; yet discovered by doing and less talking. The posted portrait picture speaks for themselves too!!
Likewise by the very same black token words of wisdom spoken: The entire infrastructure, financial institutions, and lots more are being broken back down to ground level zero of economic naught = monetary nothing = 0%! Via
The Awesome Forces of Mother Earth’s Divine Nature!!!

The Awesome Forces of Mother Earth’s Divine Nature = Wrathful Weather = Wealthy Womanhood Witty Wisdom Worship = restitutions-retributions-revenges-retaliating terror + Color Kingdom NWCA THE COMFORTER + AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD And when you get to this blog post, read on down the lines past my MP3 musical metaphysics theme songs, to the lower writing about unnatural disasters-droughts-devastation-destruction!!!

Remember To Dutifully NOTE vs Vote; The white system is bankrupt and broke!! So then we are no longer trying to win some voting rights nor civil rights; Butt, Huemain Righteousness. And this strictly means no more playing party politics! Because this is a vicious viral cycle of elections, where we only keep going around in sickening circles of corrupt circumstances, having no remedying end in sight; as long as our citizens continue to participate in a politicians poisonous propaganda process! Therefore might we reject-rebuke-rebuff each and every politicized party that call itself seeking our votes. TRULY TAKE NOTE! Reveals+reports COLOR KINGDOM NWCA:

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